Homework: I’VE HAD IT !!!!

It doesn’t matter if my kids or I have had a good day or bad, if my day is long because of work or housework, or if it is the beginning of the week or the end, getting my kids to do their homework is a NIGHTMARE.

Lets face it, the average parent whether a single parent or not ends their day around five or six. Then there is dinner to make, (and sometimes groceries to get before you can even do that) laundry to do, after school activities, showers, story time then bed. How in the world are we supposed to work in homework AND still have adequate family time in these three small hours at the end of the day!? Not to mention the fact that no one asks us to get home from work and do an hour more of work simply, just because.

It makes no sense and I despise having to ask my children to do it.

So. I am not going to anymore.

I would like to not only have a discussion on this topic, but I would like the outcome of this discussion to help create real change in our school systems. I believe that along with our gut instincts and dread, the actual data available is enough to back us up and come together as a group, and make the public school systems listen to and respect our fundamental wishes as parents.

Let’s do this, and lets do it right.


~I REFUSE to sacrifice the childhood of my children for the sake of our broken educational system!

Did anyone notice the three words in bold in the last paragraph? This is were our group name comes from.  We are the MLR-Parents against homework coalition©.




Some Real Data:


  • Not one piece of research exists to prove a single benefit of homework.
  • Our children’s success is based on scores rather than actual learning.
  • We have allowed our children to be used as pawns for the betterment of cooperate America.



What do you mean there is no proof that homework helps my child learn and achieve >Exactly that.  We believe persistence, structure and routine make better students who learn better. We are used to the concept that “reinforcement” is helpful to learning, when the truth is that repetition does not make us understand, and in fact only … Continue reading

Food Friday – Homemade Spicy Mustard By: Dawn Leoni

I was out of mustard and I decided to experiment with the ground mustard seed I had sitting in my spice rack.  I remembered when I was in college my mom telling me that I could make my own mustard out of mustard seed and vinegar.  It was so easy to make and delicious.  It tastes like a horseradish mustard.  The key is to let it sit in the fridge for 24 – 48 hours before using it.

Dawn’s Spicy Mustard

4 Tbsp – Powdered Mustard Seed
4 Tbsp – White Vinegar
1/4 tsp – Turmeric Powder
1/4 tsp – Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp – Onion Powder
1/4 tsp – Paprika Powder

blend everything together and place in a sealed jar.  Put the jar in the fridge and it is ready to use in 24-48 hours.  I add a little water to get the consistency I want.

Let’s Co-operate! Free stuff!



This season, MomWow.org is forming a Co-op! You don’t need to be part of a family, or even a member of MomWow, to
contribute and benefit! This is a project to build a sense of community and help everyone save some money, and get free stuff!
You and your children can coach, grow something, coupon and share your free stuff! Clean out your closet and
hand me down your gently used stuff! Every man, woman and child has something to offer, so let’s offer it!
Nobody will be able to fail at this. Every project will have other members to help and pick up the slack!
Here are some other things you can share books, cookware, blankets, bedding or services!
Let The Revolution Begin! Sign up today,share your ideas! at WWW.MomWow.org

You can start by expressing Your interest Here in the comments, Emailing me at Kerikillam@Momwow.org, Or in the facebook group!


Breastfeeding Wednesday: The Working Mama Project – By: Dawn Leoni

I was contacted by Shoele of the Working Mama Project.  She has read my personal blog about breastfeeding and has shared with me her wonderful project.  

I see that you write a lot about breastfeeding and think that this project might be an interesting topic for you. I have made photo project called Working Mama with focus on the beauty and nature of breastfeeding. I hope that you would like to support my project.http://igg.me/at/workingmama/
Best regards,

She is putting together a coffee table book with photos of Mother’s breastfeeding.  I admire what she is doing as to me it seems so beautiful to see a mother breastfeeding her baby.  In other countries Breastfeeding isn’t shameful like it is made to feel here in the US.  I will admit I was a mom who was proud to breastfeed in public.  For the most part I used a cover but when the little guy grew so he didn’t like them I nursed without one.  I am excited to see Shoele’s dream of having a coffee table book come true.  Check out her video and her crowd-funding page.  Even if you don’t give, it is interesting to share in her dream.  I look forward to the release of her book.  

On a personal note: I often look at breastfeeding mamas with such awe and I smile at them.  When my supply started to drop seeing a mama breastfeed with ease would make me sad because I wished breastfeeding was an easy venture for me.  Oh but was it ever hard yet so rewarding and special.  Words can’t describe the love I have for breastfeeding.  I know many moms who wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for one reason or another.  I also know moms who never had the wish to breastfeed yet they all were supportive of my decision to breastfeed as long as possible.

In support of the Working Mama Project here is my favorite picture of breastfeeding my son.  Our youngest cat liked to lay behind our son as he breastfed until he got too big, then she would lay at my feet or on my legs.  To this day she sleeps next to his crib at night and for naps.  On occasion she will sleep in our room with us.  I am … Continue reading

Monday Movie Review: Knight of Badassdome – By: Dawn Leoni

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)  Movie Trailer Posted below.
Awesome super fun movie. Great soundtrack. I recommend this movie to any one who ever participated in live action role play(LARP). It is like a bad version of LARP meets the evil dead. Has lots of cheesy blood and gore scenes. It is full of really good actors acting badly. At no point was I bored with this movie. I laughed through most of it. At the end of the last battle I was thinking “HOW AWESOME!!!” The Little Guy was head banging during the last battle scene. it was too cute. I don’t recommend it for kids who will really sit there and watch it as it might be scary to them, but for my LG who was more interested in dancing to the music, IT ROCKED!!!

This movie really makes me want to do LARP again. So much fun. I would see it again and I want to get it when makes it to iTunes. Check out the trailer!! The best fight scenes are not in the trailer at all, it really just glazes over the movie’s greatness!!

The loss of baby Asher- By:Emily Rose Mullin

I need to get this out, I need to tell my story in hopes it will aid in my grieving process. At this stage I am nowhere near OK. I wonder sometimes how and why my heart still continues to beat. I fear I will never remotely feel whole again, truth is I probably won’t. What little faith I had in God diminished the moment my son took his last breath in my arms.


This is the story of our angel baby, Asher Matthew Simoneau.

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I fell madly in love with him. It was the sweetest surprise. My hopes and dreams for my unborn baby flourished in my head. It wasn’t supposed to end like this.At about 22 weeks pregnant they discovered I had very little amniotic fluid so they sent me to Tufts hospital in Boston to see if my water was leaking or had broken prematurely.  It was discovered that his kidneys were not developing properly, therefore he was not producing amniotic fluid. They said his chance of survival was about 5%, it was completely and utterly devastating, I literally felt my heart breaking. They suggested I terminate the pregnancy, but after 22 weeks of loving and wanting him, there was no way in hell I was going to do that.

ultrasound asher let

So I continued with the pregnancy hoping and praying they were wrong, hoping maybe he was just a slow developer. I dreaded each trip to Tufts, I eventually just became numb. I would stare down at the floor, the white tile floor, completely emotionless as they explained the grim prognosis each time. I would come home and sit on my kitchen floor, holding my belly for hours and cry, curse god, myself, Matt, and anyone having healthy babies.

We researched everything, both Matthew (Ashers Father) and I offered our kidneys, but they explained not only were his kidneys not developing, but because they weren’t and he wasn’t producing the amniotic fluid he needed to develop lungs. It is agonizing to hear that no matter what your baby isn’t going to live. I pleaded with god for a miracle or at the very least to take me instead. I guess he wasn’t listening that day.

They explained this didn’t happen because of anything I did or didn’t do, apparently it’s quiet … Continue reading

Breastfeeding Question Wednesday – “Help My boobs are leaking!” By Dawn Leoni

I was asked this in an email and would like to respond here so more people can benefit from my answer.

“I am a first time mom and I am exclusively breastfeeding.  I pump between feedings but my boobs are leaking milk.  Do you have any suggestions how to stop it or what to do? Thanks, Leah”

Dear Leah,

Thank you for asking this question.  I had a similar thing happen a couple of weeks after I had my son.  I did a couple of things to help with the leaking but it eventually cleared up in time.  I noticed my breasts would leak every time my son cried or if I was just a little over the time of a feeding.  I took a cloth diaper insert and cut it to make pads for my nipples.  This worked great.  They were super absorbent and wicked away the milk so my nipples didn’t get chapped or overly wet.  Not to mention it was much more cost-effective than using disposable nursing pads.  When I was out in public and the little guy wasn’t hungry I would excuse myself, run to the bathroom, make toilet paper pads and cross my arms like I was giving myself a hug with the heel of my hands on my nipples.  Like plugging a leak in a pool.  This helped a little but I think it was more for my peace of minds than anything.  I was lucky that this all occurred in the winter when I was able to throw on a sweater to hide my leaks.

If your issue with leaking is due to an over-supply then most likely it will continue until you are finished breastfeeding.  I didn’t have over-supply so I can’t give you a first hand review or experience but I know some mom’s who did and they bought a neat nipple shell that collected the milk they leaked.  They were able to put the collected milk in a bottle or bag and save it for a later feeding.

I hope this helps with your milk leakage and it stops for you soon.

Dawn Leoni – a former EBF Mommy


** Please email me questions or fill out the form below and I will post a response to them.

Monday Movie Review – The Butler By: Dawn Leoni

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5) Movie Trailer Posted below.

The Baby and Me movie was canceled today so in honor of the holiday I am reviewing “The Butler“. I got it out of the RedBox this past weekend to share with my fiancée. I saw it in the theater as a Baby and Me movie and loved it.  This film is based very closely on Mr. Eugene Allen‘s life.  There are only a few minor differences between the movie life of Mr Gaines and the real life of Mr. Allen.

The Butler is an excellent movie and in my opinion it should be the movie of the year.  It really helped me to get a feel for the civil rights movement.  It is amazing to see how far our country has come in the span of Mr. Gaines life.  From the poverty of being a slave picking cotton with his family to being the most respected butler in the United States.  This story had my emotions from sad to laughing a little.  The first emotional scene is when you hear his mother being raped and shortly after seeing his father murdered right in front of him when he was a boy.  The eldest woman of the house takes him in and teaches him to be a house servant. (I will not re-use their terms as it is degrading and disrespectful to everyone)  The path Mr. Gaines and his family had to take was one that shows great courage and sacrifice.  He leaves the farm when he is of age and sets out to find a better life for himself.  He gets caught breaking into a hotel pastry shop and ends up with a job there.  After a period of time there he learns about how to read people and give them what they want even before they know what they want.  Once he takes a job in DC and proves himself by working at a fancy hotel he is requested to go to the White House for the position of a Butler.  During his time as a butler in the White House he sees more changes in civil rights.  His oldest son becomes involved with the movement inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and takes trips … Continue reading

State Of MomWow Community Address Jan 2014


sortsmillgoudy SO many things happening on MomWow right now!
1. I’m trying to use proper grammar, and when I don’t- I have a wonderful new volunteer editor! Welcome Kristy Benea to our editing team! 2. We have NEW Chapters of MomWow Chat groups! Until yesterday you could only really utilize MomWow’s chat groups if you were on the North Shore of Massachusetts! Well, now we have some new chapters. So, if you have been wishing that there was a group in your Community where the local parents could help each out, answer each others’ questions, hand stuff down, or get hand me downs in a few months there are quite a few new ones! Hey, If there isn’t a new one, Maybe you want to be a moderator for one! It’s
SO easy. Here are the requirements!
1. Have internet
2. Know other parents
3. Ask To start a group in your area.
4. Wait. You will probably be approved for a group within the day!
5. When You get the notification that your group is all set up and ready to go, Add your friends and family.
6. Then, Offer something! Start Talking! Do what feels right! We will start looking through the groups for people who are sort of nearby, but could Moderate a seperate group! We want to cover the nation. At the very least.
We will also be looking for authors for the MomWow.org Website.  You don’t have to do ANY of this. All you have to do, is delete spammers and add local families. It’s really THAT simple.It may not be a paying job, but you do see things first, and get the first chance to ask for the things that you need.
I promise you that people begin to LOVE you for doing this. I myself am finding that people already know me when I try to refer them to the group. I LOVE doing this. It is by far the most rewarding thing that I have ever done.
I hope you take this opportunity before your area is no longer available. I promise you that this WILL lead to bigger things for you. We have nothing but huge plans to grow.3. If you live in any of the following areas Please feel free to Join one of our new groups
Continue reading

Greetings MoMWoW Readers … New Blogger on the Block!! By Dawn Leoni

I will make an “official” about me page but for now I want to introduce myself and give the Loyal Readers of MoMWoW an idea of who the newest addition to the blogroll is and what my focus will be.

About Me:

I am the Mother of an almost 2-year-old who started the terrible 2′s a few month early.  Our son was a HUGE surprise.  I found out I was pregnant when I was 6 months along.  WHAT??  Yes, you read that right I was 6 months along with no symptoms.  We crammed 9 months of planning into 3 short months.  When we figured out our finances and calculated in the cost of daycare we decided that I would be a Stay At Home Mom.  I have started to home school our son in preschool course work because of his interest in learning.

Shortly after my son was born in 2012, I started a mommy blog.  Where I share my experiences, opinions and product reviews.  I have also been building a webstore with my fiancée to showcase art pieces, jewelry and clothing we create, with hopes to add skateboards to our creations.

My focus: Movies, breastfeeding and nutrition/food from newborn to adulthood.

Movie Mondays:  My son and I enjoy going to movies every Monday at our local movie theater’s Baby and Me Monday Morning Movies.  We see new releases and new independent films.  Every Monday I will write a brief review of the movie we saw.  If we happen to miss a Monday Morning Movie I will blog a new redbox release or a Netflix favorite.

Breastfeeding Wednesdays: Posting weekly about breastfeeding covering topics such as cover vs. no cover, lactation issues, over-supply, under supply, herbal supplements, product reviews, and much more.  I am not an expert but I am an Mom who overcame many obstacles to breastfeed for 16.5 months.  I read many books, websites and joined many groups who gave me oodles of tips and suggestions.

Food Fridays: Weekly posts include recipes, alternate allergy food choices, whole food choices, quick fix meals for the family, Baby food recipes, product reviews and more food and drink options.

What would you like to know about first?  Ask me questions at any time via comment or email MoMWoWNY@gmail.com  and I will reply and/or repost as a blog entry depending on the detail in the response.